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On Saturday the 17th of March we fly from Newcastle to Geneva for our annual ski trip to Alpe d'Huez. This blog will be updated daily, upon our arrival, with pictures and reports, to keep parents, friends and family informed about the day to day activities and events.


The weather forecast looks good, with much more snow than last year.

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We were woken up at 8 o'clock (some of us were already up). As we ate our breakfast the snow began to fall. We then had a leisurely start to the morning, relaxing before starting ski school at 11 o'clock. Those who had skied before took straight to the slopes, while beginners learned the basics of balance, turning and the all important, how to stop.




This afternoon the snow continued to fall, getting much heavier towards 4 o'clock. Visibility was low but that didn't stop us. The beginners started to gain confidence and by the end of the session were making excellent progress. By Five o'clock we were tired, wet and in need of a hot chocolate. Despite the relentless snow and icy winds sprits remain high and we are all thoroughly looking forward to more skiing tomorrow. This evening we are heading down to the local sports centre to tackle the high ropes course known as "Invertigo".



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Monday's Blog is written by KR and RS - two of our Year Eight girls......

It was yet another early morning today for all of our keen skiers. Roused from their beds at the astonishingly cruel time of 8AM! Breakfast was served and everyone was given a chance to go into town before ski lessons began. Everyone had their lessons. Different ability skiers went off into different areas of the mountain resort. After a fun morning, we returned to the hotel for a delicious lunch.

Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, we all went back to our afternoon lessons. We had a brilliant time and the higher group even went and attempted some jumps in the snow park. Returning for tea everyone was glad to be able to take off their ski boots and have a rest.

But not for long as there was an amazing Après-Ski of bum boarding! We had a great time sliding down the hill on a piece of plastic not much larger than a dinner plate. There were screams of excitement as races too place. Pupils also tried to gat as far as they could without stopping.


Finally, the day began to draw to an end and we were all only too happy to put on our jim-jams and sleep happily with the knowledge that tomorrow would be even better!

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Wednesday's blog was written by KC and RM - Year 8 girls

And it's Day 4 of the big ski trip!!!

Today the weather was very sunny. Skiing was also great fun, even the beginners are starting to ski on the steeper slopes. Everyone really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the evening activity in the basement of the hotel - a film and pizza.

We are all enjoying the trip so far and looking forward to more skiing tomorrow when the beginners get their poles and can look like real professionals.

The snow here is perfect for skiing, building snowmen and throwing all over each other ;-). The town is amazing, lots of fairy lights, wooden alpine chalets with icicles..... and most importantly, the best sweet shop in the world


We are all getting used to wearing our ski boots although we doubt the bruises on our shins agree with us.

Thursday's blog was written by our Year 7 girls - thank you!

Another day and we set off with skis in one hand and helmets in the other. Full of excitement, we made our way to the hills and some of us with poles for the first time. For the beginner groups, our instructors said we could have a go at our first blue run. Many people fell over, head over skis but as we zoomed down the mountains singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes (IN FRENCH!!) we knew we had accomplished something great.

In the evening, our knowledge was tested when we tried our luck at the quiz. As people racked their brains for answers that they knew other teams had, the competition hotted up. Looks of confusion and doubt were shared until all the questions had been asked and some of them answered. We swapped sheets and marked them. With our papers in hand we knew that we hadn't won - unfortunately the very competitive teachers' team had come first ;-( We went to bed exhausted, but happy.

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Our final presentation with our instructors today


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