June - Shropshire Trip

12th June 2017
Arriving into Alnwick at approximately 6:30pm. We have all had a wonderful trip- enjoy listening to all of their stories!
Wow - what a fantastic day at Alton Towers! Absolutely brilliant. All very tired now though. On our way back to Cloverley Hall now.
A very successful and cultural day in Liverpool! Museum, park and Tate gallery. Soaking up information and art!
An absolutely brilliant day at the zoo! Smashing weather, incredible animals and lots of happy memories made.
The first night's sleep was a success. On our way to Chester Zoo- all of us are very excited!
Have safely arrived at Cloverley Hall.
Just leaving Chester after an excellent time at the swimming pool! En route to Cloverley Hall now. Everyone is having a great time!
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