School discos

Every now and then we like to get together and have a party! Pupils at Lindisfarne celebrate together with school discos during which we have music, party games, refreshments and lots of fun!


Non-uniform days

As well as non-uniform days to raise money we also have non-uniform days as a reward for good behaviour and hard work. We have a housepoint system at Lindisfarne and three houses: Longstone (yellow), Staple (blue) and Farne (red). When a child has worked well, tried hard or done something well, they receive a housepoint. When a house has over 2000 housepoints, we have a 'Wear what top you like' day. The pupils get to wear their own top to school.

When a house has over 4000 housepoints, we have a 'Wear what bottoms you like' day where the pupils wear the trousers or skirt or their choice (as long as it is appropriate for school.) Finally, when a house has over 6000 housepoints, we will have a full 'Wear what you want' day.



Every year, we have a number of opportunities for students to use their talents and perform- these range from music concerts to pantomimes and the occasional talent show.