"As a RotaKid, I promise
To be fair to all 
To serve my community
To show respect for others"

RotaKids Pledge


RotaKids is a Primary School Citizenship programme. The programme is aimed at the Junior School age group i.e. pupils aged between 7-10 years old (Years 3-6 in Primary Schools). The aim of RotaKids is to build self esteem, develop leadership qualities and introduce young people to service through Rotary. One of the aims of The KS2 National Curriculum is to develop pupils into ‘responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society’


RotaKids undertake projects of their choice and they decide how they will achieve them, with guidance from their teachers. There are no minimum number of projects a club need to undertake in a year.  Clubs usually meet monthly or more frequently if required.

Whilst undertaking these projects, RotaKids will also use other cross curricular skills such as Maths (counting money) English (writing programmes, leaflets and posters) Art and ICT (printing programmes etc).

RotaKids is available to all who wish to participate; there are no joining criteria and no child should be excluded due to expense or fees. It is important to recognise achievement and a sense of belonging.