School Council

At Lindisfarne Middle School, the School Council is all about involving our young people in the life of their school. We recognise and respond to the rights of our children, and listen to their views with interest, in order to create an environment that reflects their needs, benefitting both pupils and staff in the process.
In a school of a few hundred pupils, listening to their views is often easier said than done. However, we are delighted to say, that due to the professionalism of our School Council and the mature way in which they use structures which facilitate communication, the views of each class are represented fairly and democratically. Each year, the school council representatives make and present a suggestion box to their class. This enables all children to put forward their suggestions in a safe not threatening way. we have found that this leads to the children taking responsibility for many aspects of school life which were previously considered ‘no go areas’.

The following is a widely used definition of a School Council: "An elected body of pupils, whose purpose is to represent their classes and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school community."

Having supported the children in running the School Council for a number of years, we have seen its development from  involvement in the fundraising to a body that is really pro-active in facilitating change for the benefit of the wider school community.

We feel passionately that our children do have ‘constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school community’ and we will continue to work alongside the School Council to grow and develop this aspect of their school experience with each and every meeting we have.