School Uniform

All pupils are required to have a school uniform. We want to maintain a high standard of dress and encourage the pupils to be proud of their appearance and ensure that inappropriate dress does not pose a risk to health and safety, or detract from our main focus which is learning. We ask that parents do not allow children to colour hair or have “exotic” hairstyles for the same reason. A full list of the School Council’s agreed policy for hairstyles is available on request but unacceptable hairstyles include unnatural colours, tipped hair, colours over parts of the head, Mohican styles, shaved or partly shaved head, shaved eyebrows and shaved or cut patterns in hair.

Uniform is available from Foresters in Alnwick who allow payments in instalments and is also available from Border Embroideries online. Border Embroideries deliver to Sports World in Alnwick for free or they can post to your home for a small fee. 
Where uniform is causing a financial concern, please contact the Headteacher.
If at any time a child has to come in clothes or footwear that are not part of our accepted
uniform list, parents should send in an appropriate note. Should a health and safety issue
arise, parents will be contacted immediately.


Girls’ Uniform

White cotton shirt or blue Lindisfarne polo shirt (N.B. if a Lindisfarne sweatshirt/hoodie is worn, any plain blue or white polo top may be worn underneath.)

Black skirt
Black trousers – not skinny fit or jeggings
Black tights or white socks
Sensible black shoes or plain black leather-look boots (no studs/tassels/fur)
Lindisfarne sweatshirt/hoodie


Boys’ Uniform

White cotton shirt or blue Lindisfarne polo shirt (N.B. if a Lindisfarne sweatshirt/hoodie is worn, any plain blue or white polo top may be worn underneath.)

Black trousers
Plain dark socks
Sensible black shoes/ plain black boots
Lindisfarne sweatshirt/hoodie


General Uniform

Belts must be black or grey.
Canvas shoes and shoes which are not all black are not acceptable-if pupils do not wear black shoes for any reason, they will be loaned some from school until they are able to get some.  
Shoes should have heels of no more than 5 cm.

Boys and Girls PE Kit

White polo shirt with school logo

Plain navy shorts

Blue or white rugby/football type sock


N.B In colder months students may wear; school rugby/ games top over their polo shirt and plain navy jogging bottoms


Please do not let your child wear jewellery in school.
This is requested for two main reasons:-
1. Safety - No jewellery can be worn when participating in P.E./Games and other practical activities (this includes watches).
2. The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery should it be lost or stolen. If ears are pierced, only one pair of small metal studs may be worn (in lobe).