SEND and Disability Information Report 2016

Lindisfarne Middle School is committed to enabling all children to reach their full potential, having full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, to be fully included in the School community, and as a result, make a successful transition to High School education and so into adulthood.

We believe that:

  •           every child, irrespective of gender, learning ability or emotional development, is entitled to the same broad based, balanced and relevant curriculum
  •           every teacher carries responsibility towards the provision of an appropriate curriculum for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities
  •           it is vitally important to establish a working partnership between home and school
  •           there will be times when we will require the assistance of other professionals in our efforts to make appropriate provision for our pupils
  •           resources will be appropriately allocated wherever possible to support SEND provision
  •           all children will be encouraged to take a full and active part in the communal activities of the school