At Lindisfarne, the teaching of a broad and balanced English curriculum, which includes Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, forms a major part of school life. As well as being taught as a subject in its own right, its value in providing many of the skills utilized in other subjects is recognised and explored. With the recent introduction of the Primary Model into KS2, form teachers now teach their classes across the curriculum and can therefore ensure that targets are consistently addressed in other subject areas. This partnership between different areas of the curriculum has great value and is very beneficial to the pupils, providing them with a range of real audiences, purposes and situations through which they can develop their language skills.

Regular liaison with our feeder First Schools and thorough planning from the Subject Leader and subject teachers ensures progression between schools, year groups and Key Stages. The school provides a stimulating environment where children are well supported and are motivated to think about their experiences which they are encouraged to articulate as fully as possible. Creativity is also an important element of this subject and is encouraged throughout the school. Pupils are actively involved in their own learning rather than being passive recipients of knowledge, and they are constantly challenged to extend their use of language in a variety of situations.

At Lindisfarne, we strive to encourage reading for pleasure and an appreciation for language. The recent introduction of an online, interactive program called ‘Accelerated Reader’ is proving to be extremely effective in helping to promote this. We also have a very well stocked library where our Librarian assists pupils in choosing books appropriate to their age, ability and interests.
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