The European Music Show

18th May 2017

A cheerful circle the Sicilian tradition yesterday morning near the Teatro Massimo, including dance, music, color and fun. This is the two-year project "The European Music Show" (Spectacle Musical Européen), starring some students, aged between 10 and 15 years, from five European schools , as part of the Erasmus + program .

The main objective of the project - explains Marie Guichet, dean of the Parisian school Alberto Giacometti - is the enhancement of foreign language through art and music, a combination that favors a more motivating type of learning, able to engage and excite the boys. The relate to different countries in the school also allows you to open the horizons to the outside and ensures that pupils can directly know the area. "

At the conclusion of the initiative will be presented a musical movie , whose lyrics and music were created by the students together with their teachers and whose scenes are indeed filmed in the five cities of the participating schools (Paris, Palermo, Alnwick, Böblingen, Algarrobo) . As for Palermo, the school included in the project is the 'ICS Father Pino Puglisi , while the location chosen for Italians episodes of the musical is the beach of Mondello.

"The students involved   - illustrates Bruna Perraro of Puglisi school music teacher   have created a story that deals with the issue of moving and traveling, from their land in a foreign city, to realize their dreams. Everything is told with music and dance: boys sing in their language, but also in that of others. "

In addition to developing the interest and foreign language skills through challenging and fun activities, the project "The European Music Show" aims to  encourage the building of a sense of European identity, by deepening the practice of new technologies in information and communication .