Transition to High School

Questions and Answers from Dukes and Lindisfarne Middle Schools- 
New High School Parents Meetings:


Q- Will there be lockers?

A - No final decision been made on this yet, feeling is to wait until we are in the new school and then ask the students if they think they would be useful.

Q - Parental concern re crossing the road safely to playing fields on the other side of the road?

A - Students will be escorted by staff via a crossing to ensure their safety.


Q –What Social areas / additional dining areas will be available from September 2017?

A - Various options available at this stage in addition to main dining area these could include an element of hot dining, grab-and-go dining and packed lunches.  Firmer decisions will be made once work is in progress.


Q – Will you be keeping Year 7 separate?

A - We are open to further discussion in respect of this.  Parents and students appear to be divided on the subject.  Some would like an element of separation particularly at break/lunchtimes, whilst other comments suggest not.  They would like to see the younger students integrated into the whole school in order to feel part of it.  We could consider putting in place designated areas for the first half term whilst students become familiar with the school  


Q -Will uniform stay the same?

A - We see no reason to change the uniform at this stage.

Q -Possible visits during 2016/17?

A -We will arrange parents evenings including a tour of the site from the Autumn Term 2016; this will not include the extension at this point as building work will just have begun.


Q -Entrance / exits for different year groups?

A – We have plans for September 2016 where different year groups will enter the school from specific areas straight into their tutor group area; a similar arrangement will be put in place for the following year.


Q -Public transport buses, how will they work?

A - We have had a number of meetings with representatives of Northumberland County Council who have overall responsibility for public transport and are aware that wider discussions are taking place in relation to this.  We will update you once we have more information.


Q -Name of School, including Leadership and Governors?

A - The school name will not change in September 2016; discussions have not yet taken place for September 2017 however there is no requirement for the school name to change once Years 7& 8 join.  Currently the Governing Body is known as the Aln Federation and incorporates all 3 of our schools. We will be required to evaluate our statutory obligations in respect of governance in time for Sept 2017.


Q -McDonalds and safety?

A – We will continue to remind our students about safely crossing roads etc. and working with colleagues at Northumberland County Council to put necessary safe routes into play.


Q- How will a staggered start to the year work?

A – We have sent out a letter for consultation in respect of the start of term for September 2016 this will again need to be considered for September 2017 when 3 additional year groups join the school to ensure the safety of the students until they familiarise themselves with the site.


Q - Open Days for Parents and Wider Community in September 2016?

A – We plan to hold a number of opportunities for parents and the wider community to visit the new school during the Autumn Term of 2016.


Q -Curriculum / lesson structure each day?

A – Work to determine what the curriculum will look like will begin in earnest in the Autumn Term 2016 ensuring that the staff from the Middle Schools and DCHS are working together on this.


Q –How will we use older students as role models?

A – We anticipate our older students taking up various roles within the school. Older students already work alongside our lower school pupils and we can expand upon this model.